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How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive in an Efficient Way

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Published On August 25th, 2021
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Formatting is the process of wiping out previous data and repair the storage medium for reading and writing files. Or it can also be said that formatting is the act of making space for new data by erasing and deleting older data stored on it. It is because whenever a user formats the hard disk, an operating system removes all bookkeeping information on the disk. It makes sure that all sectors are reliable and identify the bad sectors.

Moreover, creates internal address tables, which is later used to find information. However, in some situations, users accidentally format some of the important files from hard disk, which becomes a serious problem for them.

Thus, it becomes necessary to recover deleted data from hard drive. Here we will resolve the query how to recover data from formatted hard drive with the best solution.


“One of my friends brought over a hard drive from a damaged laptop. When I connected it to my personal computer the drive spins, however, it is recognized by Windows Disk Management then check the partition and reports that it is not initialized. When I tried to initialize it, it displays a message that “the device is not ready.” However, the hard disk has lots of important files and it is urgent for me to recover data from formatted hard drive. Can anyone help me out of this.”

Different Scenarios Related to Formatting

Formatting is 90 percent of the times done purposely, but there are some conditions or situations in which it is done accidentally by the users also. It may result in loss of important data also sometimes. Therefore, in this segment of the post, different situation in which hard disk formatting is done and after that user needs to recover files from formatted hard disk.

When a user tries to connect a memory card or any other storage devices to PC, the operating system asks for disk initialization to format the drive.

Accidentally format the hard drive or any other storage device.

Another possible situation is that while converting the file system from FAT16/ FAT32 to NTFS or in reverse, a user reformats the storage media.

All these situations result in the formatting of partition hard drive. However, the hard disk drive stores all the data on the system. Thus, accidentally formatting of a single or all the partitions can let a user be in the worst data disaster. Therefore, to have access back to formatted data it is really important to recovers deleted files from hard disk partition.

“There are three partitions on my hard drive i.e. c, d, and e. When I decided to format the ‘e’ partition of the drive, I accidentally formatted drive ‘d’. And it contains lots of important files in it. However, it is really important for me to recovers virus infected files from external hard drive. Therefore, I need a solution to recover deleted files from formatted partition.”

Is It Possible to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Before jumping directly to the solution of how to recover deleted audio files from computer, first let us find, is it possible to retrieve data from formatted hard drive.

When a user format partition of the hard disk, it only erases the address table, not all data. In short, all data is not wiped out. Recovering formatted data is a realistic process. Therefore, if one accidentally reformat the useful files, then there is no need to panic because there is always a chance to recover files from formatted partition.

In addition, one just keeps in mind that does not add any information or write anything to the formatted partition. It is because it may result in overwriting of the blank spaces that are created after formatting, which decrease the chances of recover erased data from hard disk.

Method to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

After having complete knowledge about the formatted disk partition, the main question arises how to retrieve data from formatted partition. Basically, there is no manual technique available to restore data from formatted hard drive. Therefore, to resolve this problem and get access back to data, one needs to go for a trusted third party solution i.e. Computer data recovery tool. You can download and install this utility on Windows OS.download button

The tool restores even permanently deleted files from hard drive. Moreover, the software allows users to recover files from both NTFS and FAT partition formatting. After recovering all files, a user can save these recover deleted files from a Toshiba external hard drive at any desired location of their choice.


Data recovery from formatted partition is really important for a user. It is because sometimes users accidentally format the important files from the hard drive. In such situations, it is important to restore data for the continuity of the work. Therefore, in the above, we have discussed a method to restore selected files from Windows. This tool helps to recover files from formatted hard drive in an efficient way without comprising with any loss of data.