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Guide to Recover SQL Database from Suspect Mode or Recovery Pending

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Published On June 9th, 2022
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Introduction to Recover SQL Database from Suspect Mode

MS SQL Server comes with many built-in functions that make the user’s job to manage the database much easier. When the database partition is full, the MS SQL server sets the status of the database that can no longer grow to “Suspect Recovery”. The forthcoming section will explain how to recover SQL Database from suspect mode or recovery pending state and causes for this problem. In recovery pending mode, the user is unable to connect with the database. There are many reasons behind this issue.

Before proceeding with the solution about how to repair the suspect database, we should know some facts related to the suspect state. Whether it is Suspect mode or Recovery pending mode, in both the cases the issue, is the same. In this state, the user cannot perform any operations on his/her database, i.e., no loading, backup or restore. Let us study the various reasons for this issue occur.

Causes Of Suspect Database in SQL Server

  • The database can’t open due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory for SQL Server
  • Sudden or unexpected SQL server shutdown due to power failure/hardware failure
  • The data files are in use by other Backup software or OS
  • Corruption present in the SQL Server Database

These are the main causes due to which database gets affected. Once it goes into suspect mode the only way out is to look for a solution to recover SQL Database from suspect mode. There are several solutions but mainly they can be classified as manual and automatic methods.

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Manually Recover SQL Database from Suspect Mode or Recovery Pending

    1. Start SQL Server management studio
    2. Change the database status to Emergency mode using the command given. This provides read-only access to the administrator.

USE master >> GO

    1. Now, run the T-SQL query given below. This will scan & check the physical and logical integrity of objects present in the marked database.

DBCC CHECKDB(database_name) >> GO

    1. Keep the database in Single Mode using the query as mentioned below.


    1. Now, execute the following code to fix the recovery pending SQL server.


    1. Now, restore Multiple access to the database by using this query.


These are the steps related to the manual method one can follow for SQL database recovery pending a fix.

Automatic Method to Recover SQL Database from Suspect Database

Manual methods are very time-consuming & lengthy to fix recovery pending SQL server. It is difficult to perform such methods, as one minor mistake can make the database file corrupt. If the user does not follow the exact query code, then it may lead to a major data loss.

So, it is important to keep the data safe and repair the suspect database. Those users that are looking for an instant solution can make use of an automated solution known as SQL Recovery Tool. This tool is easy to use for individuals who want to recover SQL database from suspect mode or recovery pending state instantly.

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If you want to overcome & avoid the limitations of the manual method, you can proceed with an automated solution. If a user has a large amount of data and he/she wants to recover SQL Database from suspect mode or recovery pending state then one can rely on software as an automated solution that can give accurate results with zero data loss and there is no requirement of technical skills.