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Resolution to the Error Code 0x85050041 Using Simple Methodology

Outlook Error Code 0x85050041

The error code 0x85050041 will come with the Windows-based machine, Windows-based software or it will be faced by the Outlook users. This will occur due to the certain issue with the access of same file name by multiple users or the loss of file, which was mandatory to exist for the proper working of the Outlook application. To eliminate this error in various platform use might take the corresponding resolution steps which can be done manually or by the allowing the technical or professional ways. This article is described how to repair Outlook error code 0x85050041. This error code appears generally installing, updating or while opening the specific application or by doing certain tasks.Resolution to the Error Code 0x85050041

Outlook Error Code 0x85050041 Supported Operating Systems

Outlook error interrupt messages can be encountered in most of the below Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • MS Windows 10
  • MS Windows 8.1
  • MS Windows 8
  • MS Windows 7

Symptom of Error: Error message pops up “Outlook error code 0x85050041

Reason for Outlook Error Code 0x85050041

** Internal system conflict:

The Outlook internal conflict error can even occur with your error free Outlook files. This case happens when the certain files, which was created while the installation of the Outlook application gets accidentally deleted. Or else there is another case when the user accesses a file and if another one goes and request the same file then the second user won’t get the file if both users need the same. Here, this internal system conflicts will occur. So, to avoid this case the second person needs to rename the file which he/ she need to access.

** Corrupt software installation:

If the Outlook utility installed on your PC is corrupted then it is necessary to repair. To do so let’s see the below steps:

  • Search the Control on your PC
  • Place the address bar as: Control Panel then from Programs >>
  • Uninstall a program or then Programs and Features.
  • From there choose MS Office 365 Hit the Change
  • Now select quick repair and repair then and follow the prompt

** Virus or malware infection:

The bad software’s are normally called as the Virus it will self-replicate itself and this type is called as the virus earlier but currently now it is called as the malware was introduced by the two terms one is the “malicious” files and the another is the Software’s.

How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x85050041 by Manual Procedure

Step#1: Verify your file is corrupted or not by the scanning procedure.

  • Press the button Windows + R
  • Type and enter cmd and Press Enter.
  • Then type “sfc/scannow” and press enter.

Note: You cannot run the third step because the user must have Admin privilege to run the sfc command.

Step#2: Try to upgrade to most recent Windows KB

  •  To verify Windows Updates (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10):
  • Hit the Start button.
  •  Mention “update” into the search field and hit ENTER.
  •  Now Windows Update dialog box will appear.
  •  Check the updates are available or not if yes, hit the Install Updates button.

Step#3: Clear Junk Files

  •  Hit Win + R.
  •  Enter “Cleanmgr” and Press Enter.
  •  Select and choose the OS Partition and Press ok.
  • Now hit on Clean up System Files

Almost in every case the Outlook error code 0x85050041 error can be resolved by the above-mentioned steps.

Limitation of Manual Procedure

  •  The process is a lengthy process
  •  Due to its length it will take large amount of time
  • Its complicated for the normal users.
  • It won’t provide any guarantee to make it error free.


The above article is discussed in the case of occurring the Outlook error code 0x85050041 error. So, to avoid that the manual procedure is discussed using step by step procedure. By doing so the error will almost disappear but if it doesn’t then you should go for the technical support for the troubleshooting mechanism. If this error couldn’t be resolved then it will result in some fuss like the Outlook application will be in it’s “Not Responding” mode.

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