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Solutions to Resolve SQL Server Error 824

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Brief Overview

Microsoft SQL server is a very popular database management system and although it is efficient in its working, the users may encounter some errors during its operation. A well-known error is the SQL Server Error 824 which mainly happens as a result of logical consistency and is categorized as a fatal error.

SQL server database 824 error clearly means that the database page has been read with success from disk but the page contains certain issues. Other than this, the messages that may be shown to users may be “fatal error 824 occurred”, “SQL server detected logical consistency-based i/o error”.

Let’s examine a proper error message to understand this error better

SQL Server Error 824 – The Error Message

You may be displayed the following error message at the time when SQL server logical consistency error develops in the SQL database.

The problem of fatal error or logical consistency-based i/o error occurred during a read of page (2:53686) in database ID 33 at offset 0x0000001554c000 in file.
2017-09-10 01:30:12.80 spid50
Error: 824, Severity: 24, State: 2.
2017-09-10 01:30:12.80 spid50
SQL Server detected Logical Consistency-Based I/O error: incorrect page-id (expected 1:43601; actual 0:0).

Recommended Solution: To recover from fatal error 824 quickly & for resuming usage of database use an efficient i.e. SQL Repair Tool.

Probable Reasons for SQL Server Error 824

The error message of SQL server error 824 can be shown on screen due to a variety of reasons –

  • Not enough storage space on disks can lead to SQL error code 824
  • Hardware devices or driver software which acts as medium may lead to errors
  • SQL server logical consistency error can also be caused by file system inconsistency
  • Damaged database files may be the primary cause for the problem of error 824
  • File system corruption can also give rise to SQL fatal error 824

SQL server database 824 error can cause heavy damage to the data integrity of the SQL Server database. In such a situation, it would be better to carry out a consistency check of the complete SQL database through inbuilt tools or recover SQL Database and remove corruption from files by using third-party software.

Techniques to Resolve SQL Server Error 824 Manually

A number of manual methods can at times assist to rectify fatal error 824. Carefully follow the different steps of the inbuilt method given below-

Technique #1:

Carefully analyze the suspect_pages table present in the SQL database. Check and verify if the rest of the pages have also encountered the same issue

Technique #2:

Check the consistency state of the database which is located within the same volume. You can do this by making use of the DBCC CHECKDB command.

Technique #3:

Turn on the PAGE_VERIFY CHECKSUM database feature if it is not activated already

Technique #4:

Check and verify if any error has been caused by the Operating System, storage devices, or device drivers by analyzing the Windows event logs. Correct any errors, that are found.

Technique #5:

SQLIOSim method is highly useful to find out the status of SQL server database 824 error
If you have not created any backup of the database before trying to solve SQL server error 824 then perform the steps given below first

  1.  Stop all SQL Database Services
  2. Copy and Save the corrupt SQL database at a fresh memory location
  3. Start the SQL Services now
  4.  Create a blank database having an identical name
  5. Separate out this blank database from the original SQL database.

Execute the query given when you have performed steps in the section above


Issues with Manual Techniques
  • Highly complex to follow & implement properly for users lacking technical knowledge
  • Great amount of user’s time is needed for properly resolving SQL fatal error 824
  • High risk of irreversible damage to the database if methods are not implemented carefully.

Error 824 in SQL server can lead to several issues for DBAs act of solving it can be tricky. Manual techniques are present but they cause further troubles. For restoring the database to a normal state by getting rid of SQL server error 824, use an automated, third-party solution.