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Switching from Outlook to Thunderbird: Key Benefits

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Published On September 23rd, 2021
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When it comes to desktop-based email applications, various choices are available for the users. Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook are the two most trending email clients. Both applications are quite useful to exchange email messages on the local machine. Yet, sometimes users might get confused while selecting one email application from these two. Most of the users prefer thunderbird over Outlook. But, why? Well, to answer this question we have come up with this blog. Here we will discuss why to use Thunderbird over Outlook and how can you switch from Outlook to Thunderbird application.

Reasons for Switching from Outlook to Thunderbird

1. It is Customizable

Users always like to personalize their email accounts/applications and this is something Mozilla Thunderbird offers to its users. There is a lot of scope for customization in Thunderbird that can influence a user’s email experience by making it more productive. With the help of Thunderbird, one can modify the interface skins just like the Firefox browsers with images. It also provides some incredible add-ons to maximize the email experience. It has a growing collection of extremely cool extensions to choose from.

2. Multiple Tabs Feature

Mozilla Thunderbird allows users to open emails and other data items in different tabs. It loads the email messages in separate tabs so that users can quickly jump between them. All the tabs get displayed on the top of the menu bar, which makes the toolbars more contextual. Tabbed email messages allow users to keep multiple emails open for the easy reference. Double-clicking or pressing Enter button on any email will open that message in a new tab. It also provides a Tab menu on Tab toolbar that helps users to switch between different tabs.

3. Secure Email Messages

Mozilla Thunderbird provides support for user privacy along with the remote image protection. To ensure the user’s privacy, it automatically blocks the remote images from the emails. It also offers a Do Not Track feature. This option is associated with Search the Web however, one can also use it in other requests for the web pages that are enabled by add-ons.
The best thing about Mozilla Thunderbird is it protect users from email scams and prevent from releasing user’s personal and confidential information. Thunderbird warns users when they try to click on a link that appears to be somehow suspected. That can be one of the reason, why users switch from Outlook to Thunderbird.

4. Automated Update

The update system of Thunderbird regularly checks for the latest version and notify users when a security update is available. Its security updates are small in size (usually 200 KB – 700 KB) that comprise very precious information about security update to download and install. The automated update system provides the updates for Thunderbird on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux in 40 different languages.

5. Cut Out the Junk

Thunderbird renders junk mail tools to stay ahead of spam. Whenever the user receives a new email, it passes through the Thunderbird’s leading-edge junk mail filters. When user mark emails as spam, Mozilla Thunderbird learns to improve its email filtering so that user can spend much time to read the email that actually matters. It also can use the mail supplier’s spam filters to keep junk emails out from user’s inbox.

Along with the five categories above, it is essential to know that Thunderbird is an open-source email client, which means it is free of cost. Also, its simpler user-interface and fast working speed make it superior to Microsoft Outlook. Thus, if you want to prefer an open source emailing platform with strong security features then, Thunderbird is the best choice.

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Want to Switch from Outlook to Thunderbird?

This is not a simple task. Outlook has a file format called PST whereas Thunderbird has MBOX File format. The task to convert PST to MBOX is quite a tricky job. It is so because a single wrong step to execute this migration may take you to permanent data loss. Therefore, we recommend users to use a trusted third-party solution i.e., SysTools Outlook to MBOX Converter. With the help of this amazing utility, one can easily convert PST to Thunderbird MBOX file format. The easy graphical user interface of this software makes it functioning done without any hassle. Follow the below-mentioned steps to switch from Outlook to Thunderbird.

outlook to mbox converter download
Mac PST Converter

First, Download and install the SysTools Outlook PST to MBOX Converter. Afterwards follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on the Add File tab to initiate the procedure of conversion.

2. Preview all emails with attachments in different view modes.

preview data

3. Choose the MBOX format from the Export option.

choose mbox

4. Apply date filter for selective conversion.

date filter

5. Hit on Export button for Outlook to Thunderbird Conversion.

Let the procedure get completed successfully. Go to the location that you have selected to save MBOX file.

Import MBOX File in Thunderbird Application

If users think that they can easily import the resultant MBOX file using the native ImportExportTools NG add-on, they are wrong. Besides having many limitations, this tool does not even work on the latest Thunderbird v78. Alternatively, users can go for Thunderbird Import Wizard tool to open MBOX to Thunderbird. This is how you can use this software.

LDIF Converter

Step 1. Open the software and click on Add File.

Step 2. Add the MBOX file and apply date filter if necessary

Step 3. Choose the configured email account where you want to import the data.

Step 4. Click on Import button to move all Outlook data in Thunderbird.

Author Suggestion

Users can prefer any email-client based on their requirements. For instance, if they need a secure enterprise emailing platform that integrates with the Microsoft Office applications then, Outlook is the best choice. However, if one needs to prefer an open-source software with an easy setup then, Mozilla Thunderbird is a viable option. Here, the main reasons for switching from Outlook to Thunderbird are described. The blog also covered how can you move Outlook data to Thunderbird.