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Trouble Free Solutions To Import Maildir To Gmail


In the present era, there are varieties of email applications, which are used by most of the users to manage the email data. Every email client stores its data in different file format, whether it is a web-based email application or a desktop-based email application. For example, Gmail manages and stores its data in MBOX file format. Moreover, Gmail is the most widely used email client and very popular among its users. It provides many facilities like calendars, hangouts, drive, etc. It has a very simple interface along with many attractive features. As Gmail is a user-friendly email client as compared Thunderbird, which uses Maildir file format to store its data. Therefore, sometimes a user wants to Import Maildir to Gmail. In this post, we have discussed the needs and different ways to move Maildir to Gmail.


Need to Import Maildir to Gmail

Maildir stores its emails in the form of a directory and each message with a unique name. It generates a single file for each and every new message. However, Maildir file format is restricted to some of the email applications only. So, to overcome this limitation of Maildir file format, there is a need for migration arises.

As we know, half of the work being done by using smartphones nowadays, which makes users move from Maildir to Gmail. If a user wants to continue the work while traveling with the help of mobile phones, then the user has to transfer Maildir to Gmail. As the matter of fact, that Maildir cannot be accessed on mobile phones.

In addition, when someone switches from one organization to other the need for the migration from Maildir to Gmail may occur.

In order to have a better understanding of the need to transfer Maildir to Gmail, have a look at the query of a user, which is taken from the forum site.


“I have been using Thunderbird, which stores its data in Maildir file format but now I have created my new profile on Gmail because it can be accessed through the smartphones as well. Therefore, I want to import all my previous emails from Maildir to Gmail. Please suggest me a method for the same.”

Methods To Transfer Maildir to Gmail

In order to have a permanent access, it becomes necessary to move Maildir files to Gmail. Therefore, in this post, different methods to import Maildir to Gmail has been discussed that a user can use.

Solution 1: By Using Google Gmail Loader

1. Firstly, you need to download Google Gmail Loader (GML), which is a free tool provided by Google. You just need to click on “gmlw.exe” file twice. A graphical interface can be seen after this double click

2. Now, you need to place the address of an SMTP server in “SMTP Server” option. You can also leave it undone and can try default Gmail server for the use. Google Gmail Loader will send messages to your Gmail account with the help of SMTP server. It will send one message at a time

3. Make sure you are not receiving any error like “Unable to connect to a server or send the message” if this is the case different SMTP server must be used. Often, ISP gives you an SMTP server that is used by you to exchange messages while using your regular mail program. A user can also to find the address in ISP’s literature or can also contact internet provider for SMTP address.

4. Now, from “Configure Your Email File” option, you need to click on “Find” button and select Maildir file you want to import by clicking on “Open”

5. After that, select the “File Type”. It is possible that you are not sure about the type of the file so, in that case, try to use default “Maildir” option

6. Then, you need to select the destination folder. Click on “Message Type” on the pop-up menu and choose the folder where you want to save the messages. You can select “Sent” folder or the “Inbox” folder.

7. Now, enter the Gmail address and click on “Send To Gmail”. After that, it begins the process of sending all you Maildir emails to Gmail. Once this is done, Login to your Gmail account to verify your Maildir are imported successfully.

Solution 2: Export Maildir to PST and then Import PST to Gmail

Another way to import Maildir to Gmail is first to export Maildir to PST file format with the help of third-party tool (as there is no manual way available) and then import PST file into Gmail account. These are the following steps through which you can import PST file to Gmail.

STEP 1: Firstly, download and install GAMMO (Google Apps Migration Outlook tool). After that enters a new account id and click on “Continue” to proceed further. A request for permission window will be open click on “Allow” to give access to your Google Account

STEP 2: Now, to import PST files you need to select “From PST File” from the given options. After doing this, browse to the stored location of PST file. Now, put a check-mark on “Migrate all data” and finally on “Next

STEP 3: Select the data, which you want to migrate to Google apps. Contact, email messages, and Calendar all are selected by default. You can select or leave the rest of the things. Once you selected the data click on “Migrate” option and wait until the migration process completed.

STEP 4: Once the migration process completed, click on “OK” and close the window. With this, the procedure to migrate the data would be completed.


Gmail is a web-based email application that provides advanced and rich features to its users. Moreover, when it comes to comparison with desktop- based email application, web-based email clients are used at various places. Therefore, after understanding the requirements, we have discussed all possible solutions to import Maildir to Gmail in an efficient manner. A user can choose any of them according to their preferences.