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How to Export Mac Excel to TXT Format?

Published By Kumar Raj
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Published On January 20th, 2023
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After doing intense research, I have found out that the users are struggling in finding ways to export mac Excel to TXT file. Also, we have found out that the users are converting the Excel XLS/ XLSX/ XLSM files to TXT on Mac individually rather than performing it at once.

So, today we will find out the best way to export XLS/ XLSX/ XLSM files to TXT file format. The conversion process of Mac Excel to TXT is short and requires a few click.

Why Need Excel File to Text?

Advantages of text files include their small size and versatility Also, they can be rapidly and massively exchanged via email or disk.

  • Almost all computers and mobile devices can use TXT files
  • Compared to other files, TXT files are very small in size, so they are very convenient to save and share.
  • Text files provide small size and flexibility. Smaller than kilobytes or megabytes of the same data stored in a different format, it can be exchanged quickly and in large quantities by e-mail or disk.

This makes it the best choice for users to convert Excel files to text on Mac. This is how people export Excel XLS to TXT format.

How to Methods to Export Mac Excel to TXT?

There are two methods for exporting XLS/ XLSX/ XLSM contacts to TXT format. One is by using a trustworthy professional tool and another is by using a manual method.

Automated Software to Convert Excel File Excel to TXT on Mac

Excel Converter Tool lets you convert multiple Excel files to TXT on Mac in a couple of clicks. This application has a simple design and many advantages. You can easily convert Excel file to PDF, MSG, VCF and other formats without any problem. This product is compatible with multiple platforms. This utility is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Using this software, you can convert unlimited Excel contacts into TXT within a few minutes Also, it maintains the data integrity. No matter how many Excel files you want to convert into TXT, the software will convert all of them in a single go and within no time.

Steps by Step Guide to Export Mac Excel to TXT Format

  • Download and Install the software
  • Click Add File to Add the file to Excel from your system

Add Excel file

  • Go to the location where you have saved the contact information for Excel to select it. Click the Open button

Open Excel files

  • After adding data, the software will load the data and display the additional Excel data in the software panel. It also shows the path and size of the selected file in MB. Click Next

Preview all Excel files

  • To export Excel as a TXT file, select the radio button next to TXT in the Export File Type section

Select TXT File

  • Select the Excel file in the Select File section and click on the choose Excel Columns tab to begin the mapping process. Select Excel settings

  • Then click the Select TXT Columns tab and select the appropriate TXT column there. Click the Add button

choose Excel Columns tab

  • Click the “Changebutton to select the location of the generated TXT file. Click OK

select the destination

  • Choose “Export” button to start converting Excel contacts to TXT format

Click on convert button

Prominent Features of  Automatic Tool

The best features of the Excel Converter are mentioned below:

Import Single / Multiple Files: This tool is designed in a way that renders Add File(s) option to add single or multiple Excel contact files in a batch. Also, it can convert multiple Excel files with unlimited contacts to TXT file format at once.

Generate Single TXT for Every Added Excel File: One can create individual TXT files for every added Excel file

Convert MAC Excel to TXT With / Without Mapping: One can use the Enable Mapping option to match Excel Contact attributes with appropriate TXT contact fields. Moreover, one can move further without contact mapping as well.

Compatible with Different Platforms: Convert Excel files to TXT and make it accessible from Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS devices/applications.

100% Safe and Secure to Import Excel files to TXT on Mac: The software is completely secure, risk-free, easy-to-use, and even a novice user can perform the conversion of Excel files into TXT file format.

Manual Solution to Export to TXT for Mac

The native method is slow as you have to perform the same process every time to convert Excel file to Text on Mac. Thus, making it a monotonous and laborious task. Although, it looks like an easy task but performing the same for every Excel file is not as you cannot bulk convert the XLS/ XLSX/ XLSM files.

  • Select all the contacts in the table you wish to export to TXT format
  • Command-c to copy the values
  • Open TextEdit. Set ‘Plain Text‘ as the preference
  • In a new Text Edit document, command-v to paste
  • Save the Text Edit document to convert Excel to text on Mac.


Importing Excel files to TXT on Mac can be a labor-intensive process if you’re performing the same steps over and over again. With proper use of Mac Excel to TXT software, you can save yourself quite some work and at the same time improve consistency. We suggest you to go with the automated solution to export mac excel to TXT file format for the exact solution.