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How to Get Back Formatted Data from USB? Know Most Convenient Way

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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USB devices make data portability practical and they come in various sizes. So users can choose according to their requirements. But mostly due to virus infection, USB drives are prone to data corruption. And this leads to the format of USB drives in cases of the inaccessibility of data. how to get back formatted data from USB is a question asked by a user who is struggling to recover data from a formatted USB drive.

This blog is focused on providing you with an instant and simple solution. Keep reading for an in-depth understanding of USB-formatted file recovery. Here is one of the user queries who is having a hard time getting back formatted data from USB.

“One nasty virus damaged my USB drive, preventing my access to my files. Whenever I tried to open the drive, my Windows OS kept asking me to format the drive.

How to recover formatted data from USB

I did not wish to but I did format the USB drive. After it, all of my files vanished; nothing was left other than blank space. What can be done in this situation? how to restore formatted file from pen drive. Please suggest any assured solution.”

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Get Back Formatted Data from USB Via Expert Solution

Pen Drive Formatted File Recovery Tool should be your first preference to get data from RAW partition. It is created to get through the directory and collect the formatted files. The only thing that must be kept is to avoid all the activities of modification of data, which lead to overwriting of formatted files. Otherwise, the recovery process will get more complicated.

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This program is a Windows tool and supports all its versions. Use this software to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from SD card, or formatted files from remote devices connected to Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and below without any restrictions.

Steps to Recover Formatted File from Flash Drive

Follow these steps to get back formatted files from USB in a straightforward manner.

  • Download and launch the software on the Windows machine.

recover data from formatted usb

  • Click on Formatted Scan mode and start the recovery process. It will parse through the formatted files and recover formatted data from pen drive to the recovery panel.

retrieve data from formatted usb drive

  • All of your formatted files will be seen in the recovery panel; checkbox the files you want to export to your destination location, and click on the Save button.

restore file from formatted usb

  • Choose the location to save the files and click on the OK button. Let the process be complete.

Get Back Formatted Data from USB

That is, you have successfully learned how to recover data from formatted USB drive without losing data.

Users are strongly advised to avoid using it unless they have to recover deleted files from USB flash drive. The main reason is that chkdsk operates on the 512 kb principle; it breaks down the file to 512 kb and can further damage the composition of the formatted file that is larger than 512 kb.

Get Back Formatted Data from USB with Command Prompt CHKDSK

In this method, we will introduce the method to recover files from formatted pen drive via a command prompt, aka CMD. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Attach the formatted USB drive to the system.
  2. Type cmd in the search column and enter. Choose the Run as Administrator option while opening the command prompt.How to get back files from formatted USB
  3. On the command prompt window, enter “attrib -h -r -s /s /d (drive letter):\*.*”. How to get files back after formatting USB

    For example, if your formatted pen drive letter is F, then enter attrib -h -r -s /s /d F:\*.*”

Wait until the process completes and check if the formatted files have been recovered or not. If not, you should refer to the solution first, i.e., the pen drive is showing 0 bytes via the USB data recovery utility.

Keep USB Drive Data Safe

  1. Choose the best kind of pen drive: a cheap USB made up of cheap material that is more prone to damage and data corruption.
  2. Do not interact with unknown storage devices unless you are assured about their health and immunity from viruses.
  3. Buy an encrypted USB flash drive. They might be a bit more costly than others but they promise better data safety than other drives.

Concluding Words

Users are advised to avoid every medium to restrict the invasion of viruses and other data corruption. So they won’t have to search for how to get back formatted data from USB drive. In such a disastrous case where the USB drive is formatted, always go for a professional tool rather than experimenting with other unreliable methods to recover shift deleted files from USB.