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How to Save Google Calendar to Desktop?

how to save google calendar to desktop

This guide contains methods to save Google calendar to desktop from Gmail as well as G Suite user accounts. There is no dependency on the number of Google accounts to process.

In this ever-evolving technological era, cloud solutions reign supreme over on-premise tools. As a testament, it can be seen that users are flocking towards cloud services of Google, Microsoft and Amazon. And thus, data backup never has more importance than right now.

To tackle data breach situations, and access cloud data during outage of services, users often save their data items to desktop. One such data item is Calendar. In this article, we will show you the ways to save Google calendar to desktop. You can choose the preferred technique according to the service you use i.e., Gmail or G Suite.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Techniques to Save Google Calendar to Desktop

We have divided the techniques into two different sections:

  1. Save Gmail Calendar to Computer
  2. Save G Suite Calendar to Desktop

Go to the technique as per your requirements and implement the steps sequentially.

Save Gmail Calendar to Computer

There are two methods to save Google Mail calendar to desktop. You can either do it manually using the native ‘Export’ option or you can use an automated tool to perform this task for you. Choose wisely.

Method 1: Native Way to Save Google Calendar to Desktop

  • Sign in to your Google account and open the Calendars application.
calendar app
  • Click on the ‘Cog wheel’ icon and select Settings from the dropdown menu.
click settings
  • Now, click the Import & export option from the left side panel and select Export.
import and export option
  • You can view all the calendars in the right side panel. Click Export button at bottom of the view to download all calendars in a single archive.
  • The browser will download the archive file. Extract it on your desktop computer to view all the ICS files containing Google calendars.
extract the file

The manual method is completed successfully.

Method 2: Automated Tool to Download Calendar from Google Account

Users can opt for Gmail Email Extractor software to save Google calendar to desktop. This automated tool gives user the option to save multiple data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from a Google account. Users can set the category to Calendar and only export them or choose to save all data items in one go.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download and Install the automated tool on your system.
Download Button
  • Enter the Google id and password and activate the tool.
login google
  • Select Category as “Calendar” and choose the any format to save calendars.
choose calendar
  • Browse the destination location, and click Apply Filter.
choose destination
  • Click Start to start the saving process.
click start

Both these methods save calendar from one Google account at a time. You can implement the steps again to save calendars from multiple Google accounts at once.

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Save Google Suite Calendar to Desktop

When it comes to a single G Suite account, the above-defined Native Method is more than capable to handle saving Google calendar to desktop.

But whenever we talk about G Suite, the general perception is to handle the task for more than 1 user at once. Since, it is preferred by organizations and institutions as a whole. Therefore, we must include a solution using which an administrator can save Google calendars from multiple user accounts at once.

What an admin needs for this situation is a professional tool to backup G Suite data. This one right here is a software trusted by MVPs and cloud experts and provides you with seamless backup features. With this tool, an admin can save calendar from multiple user accounts at once, and/or choose to download other mailbox items such as emails, contacts, and documents.

Give its free demo version a try.

Steps to Save Google Calendar to Computer:

Step 1 – Open the software and hit the Backup option from the ribbon bar.

welcome screen

Step 2 – Click on Domain Users option.

domain users

Step 3 – Choose a file to import that contains all the Google accounts name to save calendar.

list of google account

Step 4 – Select an export format (PST will generate PST files, other format will generate ICS file for calendars), choose Category as Calendar.

save calendar

Step 5 – Hit the Start option to successfully export G Suite calendars.

click start

With this, we have successfully covered all techniques to perform Google calendar import/export.


It is safe to say that we have covered all the techniques to save Google calendar to desktop regardless of the service used. Whether its personal Google mail or business Google Suite, users of both platforms can easily download calendar from Google account. The native manual methods works for saving calendars from a single account for both kinds of users. While separate professional tools are provided for each platform to help users simplify the download process. Users may choose any application as per requirements.