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How to Convert VCF File to Excel? One Stop Solution

convert vcf to excel

Are you looking for a reliable quality solution to convert VCF file to Excel but you have not found a solution yet? So, you do not have to worry, because you have landed at the right place. Here, we have come up with the most secure and relevant solution that can export VCF contacts file to Excel format.

Why Do You Need to Convert VCF to Excel?

There are several reasons why users transfer VCF contacts to the Excel CSV file format. These are listed as follows:

  • If something goes wrong, it is necessary to backup the contacts. This is useful if the user wants to access contacts in the future
  • If the contact is damaged for any reason, the data can be recovered from the Excel file
  • Excel data file is managed, organized, and easy to view.

Professional Solution to Convert VCF File to Excel

In order to quickly convert multiple VCF files to Excel, try VCF to CSV Converter tool. With this utility, one can easily and accurately export VCF contacts file to Excel with all saved information.  The software is an expert program to convert unlimited VCF contacts to Excel format without any data loss.  It is able to transfer VCF files to Excel with all contact details like name, phone, email address, etc. Apart from this, it has a user-friendly interface that makes the entire process so simple and easy.

Here are the instructions for using this software to convert contacts from VCF to Excel CSV:

Download vCard to Excel Conversion Application

Download vCard  to CSV Converter

Select the  Add File & Add Folder

select Add file & Add Folder

Select the Radio tab for the Excel CSV file, and click the “Explorebutton.

Select Excel CSV file

Click  the “OK” button in the user interface of the Software.

Click the ok

Hit on the Export button

save CSV file

Click  on the “Save” option

Highlighted Features of VCF to Excel Converter Utility

It provides a large number of benefits and facilities. Here are some of the salient features: –

  • Convert multiple Contacts: The tool provides the ability to convert VCF to Excel in bulk without file size and loss issues.
  • No Size Limitations: – There are no restrictions about the size and number of files in this tool.
  • Supports all Windows: It can easily installed on almost all Windows versions such 10, 8, 7, etc.. And supported platforms are Gmail, GSuite, Skype, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, WhatsApp etc.
  • Supports all versions of VCF File: –  It supports all versions of VCF format like  2.13.0, and  4.0, etc

Time to Wrap Up

Converting a VCF file to Excel is an easy process with the VCF Conversion. In this blog, we have described the best and safest way to convert VCF file to Excel file format without losing data. This software will allow you to convert VCF to Excel file without any file size limitations. You can download a free version of the tool to test how it works.

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