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How to Import Multiple VCF Files to Thunderbird in a Seamless Manner


Want to open VCF files in Mozilla Thunderbird? Do not know how to import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird? No need to worry. Here you will get an answer to all your queries in the most simple and reliable manner.

One of the most popular searches, nowadays on the internet is “move VCF contacts files to Thunderbird address book?” As we all know that Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the widely used email clients among the business users. It is an open source application, which can easily be downloaded from the internet for free of cost. Therefore, if a user is having any vCard file, they try to open it in Thunderbird. However, a user can import or export only one contact at once in Thunderbird. But, the process becomes lengthy when it comes to importing multiple VCF files. Therefore, a user is advised to look for some another solution. Considering the need of users we have discussed a free solution on how to import multiple vCard files to Thunderbird send or without any hassle.

Suggestion For Outlook Users

For Outlook users who want to import multiple vCard files to MS Outlook, instead of Thunderbird then they can simply use vCard Converter Software. This tool is designed for Outlook users in such a manner that it mass import VCF into Outlook format in just a few numbers of clicks. It is one the most popular solutions to add any number of VCF files to MS Outlook in a hassle-free manner. This tool allows users to export multiple VCF contacts as well as multiple VCF files in batches. This utility helps in exporting contacts from VCF files to various file formats in bulk without losing the related information.


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Easy Solution to Add or Import Multiple VCF files to Thunderbird Address Book

In order to have an easy solution to move any number of VCF files to Mozilla Thunderbird application, a user can use MoreFunctionsForFreeAddressBook plug-in. It is completely free of cost and can be downloaded directly from the internet. Now, to use it in the proper way, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First of all, you need to download MoreFunctionsForAddressBook plug-in from the internet. Then, save it with the name as morefunctionsforAB-TB3-1.0b3.xpi on your local machine.

2. After that, open Thunderbird and go to the menu bar. Then, click on the Tools Tab >> Add-ons option.

3. Next, you need to click on the Settings icon and then, go to the install Add-on from the File.

4. Then, click on the Browse button to locate the ‘morefunctionsforAB-TB3-‘ file, which is saved on your local machine

5. Choose the respective plug-in file and click on Open button

6. After that, click on the Install Now button and the ‘MoreFunctionsForAddressBook‘ add-on is installed automatically.

7. Next, you need to select the Restart Now button to start the Thunderbird again

8. Then, click on the Address Book icon in order to open Thunderbird Address Book

9. After that, navigate to the menu bar and click on the Tools tab

10. Then, click on the MoreFunctionsForAddressBook >>Action for contacts >> Import vCard/vcf

11. Now, choose the folder where you have saved all your VCF files. Then, choose all by clicking CTRL+A and click on the Open button

12. After performing all the above steps carefully, you can easily see that all .vcf files are imported successfully to Mozilla Thunderbird without any hassle.

import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird


Contacts stored in any email client are a really important part for a business user. They always want to have an easy access to them. As vCard is the most common file format used by the users to save the contacts. But, when it comes to access VCF in some application like Thunderbird, it becomes a difficult task. Moreover, in the case of multiple VCF files, the Thunderbird imports only one file at a time. So, the process becomes very lengthy to perform. Therefore, a free and easy solution to import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird is covered in the above post. A user can use it without any risk of loss of data.

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