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How to Recover Lost Data From Pen Drive With Some Simple Steps

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Akshay Vats ~ Modified: 24-Aug-2021 ~ Data Recovery ~ 5 Minutes Reading

When the important data in your pen drives get corrupted or deleted due to any reason then no need to worry because now you can recover lost data from pen drive with the help of a software by performing some easy steps.

Pen drives are the small storage devices which connects to a computer by USB port. And you can also transfer all the data to a pen drive from your phone also with the help of a USB OTG cable. You can save your videos, audios, documents, presentations and many more things in a pen drive.

Reasons For Data Loss

Pen drive has a lot of advantages but data can be lost from pen drives due to many reasons such as:-

  • Unintentional Deletion:- It happens sometimes that we select a wrong file or a folder and we delete that file or folder by mistake. And we don’t have a backup copy of that file or folder.
  • Improper Ejection:- You should never remove pen drive immediately. Firstly click on eject, after that remove your pen drive from PC. Because if you remove your pen drive immediately then there are chances that you can lose your data.
  • Sudden Shutdown:- If you are transferring your data from PC to pen drive and your PC shutdowns in between the process. Then there are chances that you can lose your data because of sudden shutdown.
  • Virus Attacks:- Your data can get corrupted or deleted if virus attacks your pen drive. You should not connect your pen drive to every PC because if that PC contains virus then it will be automatically transferred o your pen drive. And your data will get corrupted or deleted from the pen drive. If you want solution to recover files infected by shortcut virus from USB read below section.

Recover Lost Data From Pen Drive By Using Professional Software

Don’t worry you can restore permanently deleted data with the help of SysTools Pen Drive Lost Data Recovery Software.

Procedure to Use USB Drive Recovery Software:-

Step 1:- Download & Install:- Firstly, download and install the Pen Drive Recovery Software to recover shift deleted files from USB and corrupted files. After you downloaded and installed the software a list will appear with all the connected pen drive and memory cards on the home page.

ost to pst
Step 2:- Refresh View:- This software has a “refresh view” option. You have to click on “refresh view” option. So that you can see the newly connected pen drive or memory card without closing the application. Now you need to select the device of which you want to take backup. When you will select a device at that time a panel will appear on the right side with all the basic details.

recover deleted data from pen drive
Step 3:- 2 Options Of Data Recovery:- after you select the device, the software will provide you with 2 options for data recovery.

recover formatted data from pen drive
Step 4:- Scanning:- After you select the option of data recovery then you just have to wait because the software will show you the reading percentage and you have to wait till the time it gets 100%.

recover corrupted data from pen drive
Step 5:- Recovered:- After it gets 100%, the software will show you all the recovered deleted items from USB drive  on the left side of the panel and highlight the folders which contains data. You can see the complete data on the right side of the panel and on the right side you will see some files marked with red color. The software will mark only those files with red color which were permanently deleted.

restore corrupted data from pen drive
Step 6:- Save Data:- Now, software will give you 2 options to save the recovered/extract deleted files form a pen drive:-

  • For Selected Data:- If you want to save some selected data then right click on the selected files and then click on the “save” option.
  • For Complete Data:- From the left panel select the main folder which contains all your data and then click on the” save” option in the menu bar. After this, select a destination where you want to keep all your data.

restore data from pen drive
Step 7:- Check:- Last step is to check, so check whether the data is transferred to your selected destination or not.

restore formatted data from pen drive

Why Software is better as compared to other software?

USB Drive Recovery Software is better as compared to other software because of many reasons:-

  • This software helps you to recover images, videos, documents and many more things from pen drive easily.
  • It recovers from exFAT, FAT and NTFS formatted external storage drives.
  • Software provides you a free demo version.
  • It highlights the permanently deleted data in red color.
  • It provides a facility to see the newly attached pen drive by clicking on a “refresh” button.


In this post, I have discussed about how to recover lost data from pen drive. Various tools are there in the market but they don’t provide a surety to recover your data safely. They have some drawbacks. So, to overcome these drawbacks we have found a software . You can try its free demo version. This is the best software to recover lost data.