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How to Upload MBOX to Thunderbird Without Any Difficulty?

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free desktop-based application preferred by many users. It can configure multiple accounts, and stores mailbox data in the MBOX format. Sometimes, users need to import MBOX in Thunderbird from different applications using the same format. Also, there are scenarios where Thunderbird users have some old mbox files saved into the hard drive or any other external drive and some .mbox files converted from different formats. In such cases, users want to import MBOX file into Thunderbird profile. Thus, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a complete solution to let users understand how to upload MBOX to Thunderbird in an absolute way.

“My Organization is using Mozilla Thunderbird application to meet all business needs. Yesterday, I tried to upload my MBOX files into Thunderbird but, due to certain reasons, I was unable to do so. So, kindly suggest me a simple or reliable solution that helps to import MBOX file into Thunderbird”.

Different Ways to Upload MBOX to Thunderbird

There are various methods by which you can easily import MBOX files into Thunderbird. You can follow any method as per your convenience:

Each of the given approaches are capable of helping the users to understand the conversion process in a better way. We will discuss them all one at a time in the upcoming section.

Approach 1: Import MBOX in Thunderbird with Add-on

  1. Install Import/Export Tool addon in your Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. thunderbird mbox addon

  3. Then, you can click on Tools, select ImportExportTools and choose Import MBOX File
  4. Approach 1- Step 2

  5. A new Files mbox Import Window appears, here choose import directly one or more MBOX files and press OK button
  6. Approach 1- Step 3

  7. After that, you can browse and select the MBOX files from the destination location where you stored them and click the Open button
  8. Approach 1- Step 4

  9. At last, all the MBOX files are successfully imported into Thunderbird profile.

Approach 2: How to Upload MBOX to Thunderbird via Copy-Paste Method

  1. Open Thunderbird application in your computer system
  2. After that, navigate to Help menu and select Troubleshooting Information
  3. Approach 2- Step 2

  4. A new tab will open in Thunderbird. Here, go to Application Basics Section and click on Show Folder
  5. Approach 2- Step 3

  6. Now, the profile location of Thunderbird will open, select Mail folder and then Local Folders
  7. Approach 2- Step 4

  8. All mailboxes are available in the Local folder in different formats such as MBOX (without extension) and MSF Header files. Exit Thunderbird application
  9. Approach 2- Step 5

  10. Here, just copy all the MBOX files that you want to import in Thunderbird and paste them in Local folder like Inbox.mbox, Sent.mbox, Outbox.mbox, and so on
  11. Finally, you can re-open Thunderbird and all MBOX files are imported in Thunderbird.

Upload MBOX to Thunderbird via Professionally Tested Approach

WHY NEED ANOTHER APPROACH? Now the above provided solutions are simple enough to perform. Then why professional experts still trust Thunderbird Import Wizard over them? In layman terms, because they are not fullproof solutions. The above solutions are prone to data loss. Quite often, emails will show broken images and header field differs. Moreover, the folder structure is not maintained while implementing the manual approach. No expert would use methods which may manipulate/ effect their important email content

That’s exactly why using Thunderbird Import Wizard is a better option. A software which helps to upload MBOX to Thunderbird in bulk. Even a novice user can use this application without taking external help. And even if you have some, the developers provide 24/7 technical support dedicated to your needs.


Steps to Import MBOX files (All Variations:MBX/MBS,MBOX-with/without extension)

  1. Download and install Thunderbird Import Wizard. Then, Select Add File(s) or Add Folder option to proceed further
  2. Browse and upload the MBOX files into the software. Once the files are added, click on Next button
  3. Choose the profile/identity you wish to import your MBOX data into. You can apply date range filters using Apply Filter radiobutton >> Set
  4. Finally, choose Import option to start uploading MBOX files into Thunderbird

A preview of the Software Interface:

how to upload mbox to thunderbird

Some of the extraordinary features of the tool are listed below:

  • Offers Date Filters to import selective email messages from MBOX
  • Maintains folder hierarchy while importing .mbox files in Thunderbird
  • Facility to upload MBOX into desired email account without any loss
  • Allows a user to import an unlimited amount of MBOX files & its variation into Thunderbird
  • Ensures No broken Images, No tampering with email headers and other attributes
  • Maintain complete data integrity during the entire conversion process

Time to Conclude

After considering all the above solutions, one can easily upload MBOX to Thunderbird. In this blog, we have covered both manual as well as automated approaches for the same. But sometimes, the manual ways have some drawbacks which are discussed above. Thus, it is always recommended to use Thunderbird Import Wizard tool. It is a one-stop solution that helps to import multiple .mbox files to Thunderbird in batch. Also, we have introduced some interesting features of the tool in a better way. So, users can follow any approach as per their requirement.