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Learn the Best Techniques to Import Emails from Hotmail to Outlook 2010

Hotmail to Outlook

Hotmail or the Outlook.com is an application where we used to send and receive the emails. This application is called as the MSN application which is called as Microsoft Network, this is Internet service is given by the Microsoft. The mandatory this to use the Hotmail Account is the web browser with an Internet connection. The Hotmail account is outdated nowadays so people are using this by import emails from Hotmail to Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we are mentioning the way to convert Outlook.com to Outlook .pst. Also, this article will provide you the best solution to the query like how to backup Hotmail using Outlook PST.

Export Outlook.com to PST Using Manual Procedure

Now by using the supported version of 2010 let’s see the process which helps to move Hotmail to Outlook. The supported Outlook 2010 will give the entire access to your Microsoft personal email account. This will help the users to provide the exact access to their email items. Now to add Outlook.com email to Outlook follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step#1: Choose File menu from the Microsoft Outlook 2010
Step#2: Now, opt “Help to view the version number” from the left pane of your window.MS Outlook

Step#3: Now begin the new account setup process
3.1 Hit and open Outlook 2010 then go to File>> Account Settings >> then Account Settings.
3.2 After hitting Account Settings >>E-Mail Accounts >> E-mail tab then choose New.

3.3 After receiving Add New Account window box, select E-mail Account and then Next.Add new Outlook account

3.4 After finishing the previous step Auto Account Setup box will be displayedsetting Outlook email account
3.5 Complete the setup
Step#4: Only after completing the setup process the user could copy Hotmail email files to Outlook

To do the transfer Hotmail emails to Outlook and complete the set-up process follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. From Add New Account box, select E-Mail Account, and after that mention your name.
  2.  To add to Microsoft Outlook 2010 mention the valid email address.
  3.  Provide the password of the email account which you need to move to Outlook 2010
  4.  Then for verification or for the confirmation re-type your password and then opt the Next to end the setup.


The above discussed manual procedure has a quiet amount of manual procedure and that is:

  •  The above manual steps are really complicated for the non-technical users.
  •  The length of the procedure is long so it takes a large amount of time for its completion.
  •  This process will also result in unnecessary internal fragmentation while converting from Hotmail to Outlook.

Therefore, this limitation of the manual procedure will adversely result in some difficulty while exporting Hotmail emails to Outlook.

Export Outlook.com to PST – A Quick Process

To avoid the limitations discussed in the manual procedure it is better to opt a professional tool. So, to know among the best tool available in the market it is better to use SyTools Hotmail Backup. This utility will help the users to transfer Hotmail to PST files. This tool will help the users to take the archive of the sent box items, draft, trash folders etc. and there is a selective option to import Hotmail to Outlook 2010 by check or unchecking items. Also, there is a pause and resume option which will control how much of data is to be archived from Outlook.com email to Outlook .msg file.


The article will help you to import emails from Hotmail to Outlook. If the users are wished to forward Hotmail email to Outlook without any payment they can opt for the manual procedure. But the manual steps may lead to some difficulty in getting the satisfiable result for the users. Therefore, to eliminate this issue the user must go for a third party tool so that is discussed in the automated solution which will really help the users to export Outlook.com to PST.


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