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Save Hotmail Email as MSG File: Export Multiple Messages at a Time

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Published On October 20th, 2023
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Save Hotmail Email as MSG

User Query: “Recently, my PC (running Windows 10) died. Because there was an issue with the export option, I quickly dragged and dropped the emails into a folder to save them from Outlook. The saved data was saved in.MSG format. Though the email was properly saved at that location, when I attempted to access it, an error warning appeared, as shown. How can I save Hotmail email as MSG without encountering any problems? Thank you for your assistance.”

After receiving some queries inquiring about the same thing i.e., How can I export Outlook.com emails to an MSG file, here we are with the solution? Read ahead and know the answer to all your Hotmail backup questions.

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In this era where email applications dominate the communication market, internal competition is quite fierce. Webmail services compete to remain on top among their peers. Hotmail is one such player in this race. Hotmail, now known as Outlook.com, has a user base in the millions. It’s called Gmail, Y! Makes it the front runner with Mail and other webmail applications. Also, wants to save Hotmail Email as MSG. 

Now let us move further below and look at some of the reasons behind transferring Hotmail email as MSG.

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Why Do Users Save Hotmail Email Messages?

Now, although Microsoft won’t lose the Hotmail user’s data on its end, no one can deny the errors made from the human side. From accidental deletion of data to intentional hacking of accounts, Hotmail is not free from data-loss issues at all. Other than this, in multiple scenarios, users are required to save the messages from Hotmail in specific file formats. In today’s case, that format is MSG – the file that contains a single Outlook message.

By downloading the Hotmail messages into MSG format, a user can access those files in a Microsoft Outlook account anytime. It not only works as an efficient way to back up the emails but also serves as a convenient alternative to accessing the emails locally.

After knowing some important points. Let’s go ahead and learn about the solution to backup Hotmail emails in MSF format. So, below we have described the method step by step to transfer Hotmail email as MSG.

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How to Save Hotmail email as MSG file Conveniently?

There are no direct means offered by Hotmail to download the emails from Hotmail to MSG files. But, there are options through which you can save Oulook.com emails to the local machine (in MSG format). The name is Hotmail Backup Wizard.

It is simple to use and offers efficient functions for saving Hotmail emails in MSG files. Let us see how the Hotmail account emails can be saved in MSG format with this utility. The whole procedure is explained in detail.

Note: The following method is performed on Windows OS. However, the tool is also available for the Mac platform.

Stepwise Guide to Save Hotmail in MSG

1. First, Install and run the software solution on your system

2. The initial screen will appear as shown below. Enter your Hotmail credentials to enable the software to access your account securely. Click on the Login button to save Hotmail Email Messages.

aftre starting a tool login your Hotmail account

Users can also choose their preferred language to operate on the software. A total of 6 different languages are available to choose from including English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. It helps a diverse audience to save their Hotmail email as an MSG file.

3. On the next screen, users need to select the appropriate file format to save the Hotmail messages. In this case, select the MSG file format to save Hotmail Email as MSG.

now file format to save hotmail email as msg

4. Now, set the preferred destination location where the Hotmail emails will be stored as MSG files to transfer Hotmail email as MSG

browse location

5. Users can find two additional buttons in the bottom pane of the software. The first option i.e., Delete After Download provides users with a unique facility. If the users want to empty their Hotmail mailbox once all the messages are saved locally, they can make use of this feature to save Hotmail Email Messages.

option of delete after download

6. The other option is the Apply Filters. Upon its selection, a filter tab will open asking users to select folders that they want to save. Users can also choose to filter out specific email messages based on the selected date range to save Hotmail Email as MSG.

filter emails to save as msg file

7. Now press the start button and the software will start saving Hotmail email as MSG files. Users can choose to pause and resume this process at will.

click start to save hotmail email as msg

Here are the steps of the method end, let’s look below to learn about the features of the software to save Hotmail Email as MSG.

Great Benefits of Using Tool

  • Data Protection: The biggest advantage of using a Tool is the protection of your email data. It ensures that your emails, attachments, and other critical data are backed up and protected from accidental deletion, data damage, or hackers.
  • Email Migration: If you intend to switch email service providers or move your emails to a different account, a Hotmail Backup Tool can make the process go much more smoothly, guaranteeing that no data is lost in the process.
  • Support For Multiple Forms: Many Hotmail Backup Tools allow you to save your emails in different forms, such as PST, EML, PDF, or HTML, making it easier to work with your data.
  • Saving Time: When you need to retrieve specific emails or attachments, having them available in a backup might save you time compared to browsing through your online mailbox.
  • Space Management: Backing up emails can help you free up storage space in your email account, allowing you to keep your mailbox clean and organized.

Concluding Lines

Downloading a copy of webmail emails such as Hotmail does not come as a surprise anymore. If you want your data to be safe, better to keep a copy of Hotmail messages on the computer. So, save Hotmail email as MSG files locally with a perfect solution as above and access it at any moment safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What is the benefit of storing Hotmail emails as MSG files?
Ans: Emails saved as MSG files retain their formatting, attachments, and metadata. Since MSG files are widely supported, you can easily distribute or archive emails even if you no longer use Hotmail.

Q 2: Can I save Hotmail emails as MSG files on my Mac?
Ans: Yes, you can save Hotmail emails as MSG files on Mac using an email program like Microsoft Outlook for Mac or email backup software compatible with macOS (described above).

Q 3: Are there any restrictions on saving Hotmail emails as MSG files?
Ans: Some email applications or utilities may limit the number of emails you can save Hotmail Email as MSG at once, and some emails may lose formatting or functionality.