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Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant Via Absolutely Safe Way

Isha Ratra | Modified: June 9th, 2023 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

For organizations using Microsoft 365 business suite, Microsoft Teams has become an integral part of their business communication after the Covid-19 period.  However, in various cases, it has been observed that users and admins of Office 365 require to migrate Microsoft Teams to new tenants. Though there is no native method offered by Microsoft to execute this task safely.

Additionally, for migrating Microsoft Teams to new tenant, there are not a lot of methods available. This is why the guide consists of expert recommendations, following which users/admins can easily perform without any data loss. The manual method for this type of migration is not quite easy and is hardly recommended to anyone which is why we have introduced a smart solution.

5 Quick & Simple Steps to Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant :

  • Step 1. Download SysTools Microsoft Teams Migration.
  • Step 2. Choose Teams & Groups in Categories Section.
  • Step 3. Enter Office 365 Credentials for Source & Destination.
  • Step 4. Validate & Map Users, Teams & Groups Accounts.
  • Step 5. Validate Permission & Click on Start Migration.

Let’s learn about the tool & the challenges you might face during the migration.

Taking a Look at the Challenges to Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenants Manually

Since there is no direct way or tool offered by Microsoft to migrate the data organizations find it difficult to apply the manual method.

The challenges faced while migrating manually are:

  • Different Storage Locations: The major issue faced during the migration is the different locations of storage of teams. There are several locations where the user stores the data such as mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.
  • Limitations: The app API limitations can lead to errors causing a lot of trouble during the process to migrate Teams from one tenant to another.
  • Folder Hierarchy: Most of the users worry about their data integrity & folder structure maintenance as manually, it is always a mess. This method also has the same challenge & whenever you try to move the Dynamic Group, it changes into the Static Group automatically.
  • Data-Loss Situations: It is highly difficult to migrate the settings to the target manually. During this process, it is possible that you might lose the settings at the destination. Apart from that, third-party integrated apps used as connectors will also not be migrated.

Also, when you migrate Microsoft Teams to a new tenant manually, there is a use of PowerShell cmdlets which not every user has knowledge of. These technical factors make the manual method not so suitable. Moving towards the expert solution.

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 Expert’s Way to Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant

The migration can differ from organization to organization and not all the needs of the migration can be met.  However, the above-mentioned software has the capability to transfer the Teams, Channels, Groups, Files, & Channel Chats along with migrating sites, links, members, & member permissions. 

You can also migrate teams from one tenant to another keeping the folder structure the same & the file stamps are also maintained.  Moreover, you can migrate all types of teams such as Private, Public, & Organizations. 

In addition, there is a Delta Migration option that can be applied to migrate all the newly arrived data. This will help with avoiding the previous data & take into consideration only the new files.  After learning all that the tool provides, download the tool now and find out how it works. 

How Does the Software Migrate Microsoft Teams to New Tenant?

Step 1. Run the tool & choose Office 365 as both Source & Destination in the Setup tab.


Step 2. In the Workload Selection section, mark the Teams options & make sure to enable the Teams & Channel Creation option.


Step 3. Enter the admin credentials for Source & Destination Office 365 account & Validate the account. Hit Next.


Step 4. Use the Fetch Users or Import Users option to add & validate the permissions for user IDs.


Step 5. After that, create the destination Teams to validate them & navigate to the permissions.

Step 6. Post-validation, click on the Start Migration option to migrate Microsoft Teams to new tenant.


Step 7. Then, you have to choose the Mark Teams Complete option if there is no requirement of performing the migration again.

Step 8. Here, click on the Groups Tab & enter the groups using Fetch Groups or Import Groups option.

Step 9. Insert the destinations in accordance, Validate the accounts & hit Start Migration.


Step 10. Once the migration is completed, you will find the teams in the target tenant. If you want to use any of the features to perform the migration again, do not choose the Mark Teams Complete option.

After doing so, there will be no option to run the migration again.

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Writing a Single Note

The process to migrate Microsoft Teams to new tenant can be seen as a difficult task & an extremely important one. When using the manual method, there will be various challenges that you might face as discussed earlier.

Whenever there is a need to perform such a migration operation, the professionals always come in to save the day. One such method by experts is described in this article for those who have zero technical knowledge.