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Migrate On-Premise to Office 365: Complete & Accurate Solution



Are you looking for the solution to migrate on-premise to Office 365? If yes, then this is the right place where you can get the best solution. Office 365 is one of the best services provided by Microsoft. Users can access the data from anywhere or anytime if they have the internet service. Office 365, is a subscription service that includes the latest version of Office i.e., Office 2016. It comes up with so many applications like Outlook, Yammer, Powerpoint, Excel, MS word etc. The best thing about Office 365 is that users need to pay only for the services, they are utilizing. Considering all these things users quite often want to move On-premise Exchange Server mailboxes to Office 365. However, users may face some challenges when it comes to the migration of mailboxes from On-premise to cloud.


Need to Migrate On-Premise to Office 365 Mailbox

Before proceeding further first we will have to find a reason that why a user wants to move on-premise to cloud account?
Consider the following queries to make it clear:

” I want to transfer on-premise mailbox to Office 365. Half of the task is completed, but one of my important emails is not moving. I don’t know the issue. Every time I tried to transfer the mail it gives me, the message like Target user already has a primary mailbox. Can anyone help me out and tell me the best possible reason for the problem I am facing. How to migrate on-premise to Office 365?”

” Can anyone please suggest how to migrate On-premise Exchange Server mailboxes to Office 365? “

Three Approaches to Move On-premise to Cloud Account

Method 1: Exchange Admin Centre: To Migrate On-Premise to Office 365

On-premises to Office 365 migration can be done, with the help of remote move migration wizard you need to follow these methods as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open Exchange admin center, and go to Office 365 » Recipients » Migration.
  • Now, click on the option to Add, and select Migrate to Exchange Online.
  • Now, on Select a migration type page, select Remote move migration and click Next.
  • On Select, the user’s page, click on Add and choose the on-premises users to migrate to Office 365, which will be followed by the click on Add and click OK and then on Next.
  • Enter the Windows user account credential, enter the account name of the on-premises administrator in the On-premises administrator name field and type in the password for this account in the On-premises administrator password field and click Next.
  • Confirm the migration endpoint, check that the FDQN of on-premises is listed and click Next.
  • Move configuration, you need to type in a name to migrate in the New migration batch name field. With the help of down arrow, select the option of Target delivery domain for the mailboxes that are migrating to Office 365.
  • Check that this option Move primary mailbox along with archive mailbox is selected, and finally, click on Next.

Method 2: Working of Cutover Migration: Move On-Premise to Office 365

Use PowerShell to perform this method to migrate on-premise to cloud. The following steps will easily transfer/ move on-premise to Office 365 user mailbox:

  • In the first step, the administrator interacts the upcoming modifications for users. Also, check the domain ownership with the registrar of the domain.
  • Then, admin organizes the servers and create a blank mail to enable the security groups that are present in Office 365.
  • Now, admin connects to on-premises mailbox system of Office 365.
  • Then, transfer mailboxes and checks the migration and permit licenses to Office 365 users.
  • The administrator should configure the domain so that it can route emails directly into Office 365. Admin also verifies the modification in routing and after that, delete the batch migration of cutover.
  • Admin ends the post- migration tasks in Office 365.
  • Finally, Admin sends a letter of welcome to all the users and give the instruction about Office 365.

Method 3: Staged Migration: Move On-Premise to Office 365

You need to follow these steps to create a Staged method to transfer on-premise data to Office 365:

1. Prepare a CSV file.
Each row in the CSV file, which is used by you for to migrate on-premises Exchange emails to Office 365 in a staged Exchange migration should have the information about the on-premises mailbox.

2. Select the mailboxes » locate the CSV file (created in step 1) » Next.

3. Enter the credentials of your on-premises admin account » Next.

4. In case, the service of Autodiscover cannot detect the connection settings for the on-premises Exchange server, you need to type the following information:
The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Exchange server that hosts the mailbox that you’re migrating.
The FQDN of the proxy server for the Exchange server.
In case, the service of Autodiscover can detect the connection settings for the on-premises Exchange server, you need to confirm the entries. A screen will come you need to click on Next.

5. Type in the name for the migration batch, which is followed by the click on Next.

6. Define the admin in your Office 365 organization who should receive the migration report, choose one of the following methods to move/ migrate On-Premise to Office 365:
Automatically start the migration.
Manually start the migration later.
After selecting one of the method, click on New.


To migrate on-premise to cloud account has become necessary in order to make our data safe and secure. The above article has come up with the solution on how to move on-premise to Office 365. There are so many cloud-based applications available in online market. O365 is one of the best applications among them. This is the reasons many organizations using Office 365 mailbox account to maintain the continuity of the work. Therefore, in the above blog, we have discussed three best and easy methods to migrate On-Premise to Office 365. The procedure of move on-premise mailbox to cloud is done to make the data of on-premise account safe and secure. The main benefit to transfer the mailbox from On-premise to cloud is that the cloud account is easy to access from anywhere anytime.