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How to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365 in a Secure Way

Migrate Public Folders to Office 365

Upon searching for methods to learn how to export Public Folders to Office 365, you will find plenty of solutions and tools.

We are all aware of the fact that migrating from one platform to another is a difficult procedure which needs to be performed with expertise.

People with less technical knowledge fail to perform this process successfully and end up losing their data or corrupting it.

Let’s learn about the public folders first.

The public folder is the prominent and trusted feature provided by the Microsoft Exchange Server. It is created for communication, sharing the data among groups, etc.

Users migrate public folders from Exchange to Office 365 for reasons that are explained below.

Simply, public folder works as a central data repository for the team of an organization. Due to its advancement, public folders have been used for a long time by various companies.

But, it is hard to manage the huge amount of data. So, people want to migrate public folders to Office 365 account. Because public folders are officially supported by MS Office 365.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to explain how to export Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 public folder in a step by step process.

How to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365 in a Quick Motion?

The procedure for migrating the public folder data is divided into two sections.

  1. Convert Data to Outlook Data File
  2. Import Converted Files to Office 365

In the first section, we will be converting data from Exchange folders in bulk to the Outlook data file format. After that, we will be importing these files to the Microsoft 365 user account.

There are other procedures but manual techniques make it difficult to download and import the data or directly migrate the files. Starting with the procedure now.

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Section 1 – Migrate Public Folders from Exchange to Office 365 Via Conversion

Users need an easy and user-friendly technique where they don’t need to have technical expertise. In this case, Expert Recommended Exchange EDB to PST Converter proved as the best solution.

You can convert data from offline mailboxes as well and create UNICODE PST files to store the data files.

There is an option to preview the data before exporting it. It is possible to migrate public folders to Office 365 in bulk and selectively by applying the Date-filter and Category-filter.

Go through the steps given in the next section.

Steps to Follow for Converting Data from Exchange to Required Format

1. Launch the software and click on the Add File option to start with the process.


2. Choose the Select File and browse for the files that you want to transfer. If there are any corrupted files, apply the Quick or Advance Scan Mode depending on the level of corruption.


3. Click on the Export option while previewing the data before you migrate public folders from Exchange to Office 365. Or choose the files for transfer and click on the Export Selected option.


4. Tap on the PST option for conversion. Click on Advance Settings option to make use of the filters available.


5. Set the size of the output files in the Split PST Option and choose the time-period to export selective data in the Date-filter. Hit Save.


6. Press the Browse button to look for a destination path or end files and click on the Export button to start the conversion.


Section 2 – Import Converted Files to Complete How to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365 Process

Once you have your Outlook data files in your choice of location, you need to import these into the Microsoft 365 account. This process is also tricky as importing data in bulk can cause a lot of troubles. So, to make it easy for you, we are here with the an effective tool to upload PST files to Office 365 Webmail easily.

This software makes it possible to import any amount of data from your local device to your Office 365 account. It has a simple user-interface which doesn’t take a lot of user’s efforts to understand the task.

Executing the steps of this tool is also easy.

Implementing the Software to Migrate Public Folders from Exchange to Office 365

1. Enter the user id and password for your Office 365 admin account. Click on the Login button to start the procedure.

add the file

2. Click on the Add Files or Folder option to insert the data you want to import. Hit Next to move further.


3. Mark the Categories you want to transfer and click on the Date-filter option. Press the Set button to mention the “from” and “to” dates for a specific time-period.

imported mbox

4. In the next step, mark the Include Folders option to migrate public folders to Office 365 as per choice. Then, choose the Attach Outlook PST File option to create folders with the name of the file.

imported mbox

5. Then, choose the Exclude Deleted Items and Exclude Sent Items options if the need be.

imported mbox

6. Tap on Import to start the operation.

imported mbox

Concluding Words

In this write-up, we have discussed the step-by-step procedure to migrate public folders to Office 365. The process is sectioned in two parts to make the process easier & less complex. Users can rely on both the tools to do their parts correctly.

First section being the conversion process, it will easily transfer all the data you need to desired files format. The second section consists of importing he files to Office 365 account. Both these operations can be completed in a nick of time without failure or any changes.