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How to Recover GPT Partition Data – Flawless Solution

How to recover my gpt partition

In today’s time, MBR aka Master Boot Record partitioning table is replaced by flexible and latest partitioning mechanism that is GPT also known as GUID Partition Table in Windows platform. GPT Partitions are controlled by system firmware. But despite advancements in partitions scheme, even GPT partitions are not exempted from unexpected data loss scenarios. This article is the best solution to data recovery for those users who want to recover GPT partition.

Overview About GPT Partition

GPT partition style is a modern disk partitioning technology that determines partition structure via GUID (Globally Unique Identifiers). Because GPT is part of the UEFI standard, a UEFI-based system should be installed on a GPT disk. GPT lets users construct an infinite number of partitions and does not impose any size restrictions on partitions.

Reasons for Data Loss from GPT Partition

Eventually due to complexity users find it difficult to recover deleted gpt partition data. In this article, we will take you through a complete tutorial expressing How to recover my gpt partition without data loss. But first, let’s understand that why do we face this problem in the first place. Common reasons for data loss and files deletion from GPT partitions are:

  1. Accidentally deletion of files from GPT partition using Shift + Delete keys.
  2. Power Outage while transferring data from GPT partition to another device.
  3. Formatting the GPT partition erases the entire data on that partition.
  4. Virus and malware attacks on the GPT partition can corrupt its hard drive and files.
  5. Incorrect system shutting down due to power outage.
  6. Changing GPT partition to MBR and the improper process will lead to data loss of GPT partition.

Note: – You can easily cope up with a data loss situation if you have a data recovery solution on your system. We are going to explain the professional method for recovery GPT partition. The upcoming section can recover data from numerous data loss scenarios.

Instant Solution to Recover GPT Partition

To recover deleted gpt partition data utilize the best file recovery software that SysTools Partition Data Recovery Software. The tool is built with a sophisticated search mechanism that quickly and simply detects and recovers deleted or lost files from GPT partitions on Windows computers. With this utility, users can get data from raw partition. These files include various multimedia files that document, compressed files, video files, HTML docs, audios, images, and so on so forth.

How to Recover GPT Partition Data in Few Simple Steps

  • Download and run Partition Recovery Software. The app will display all internal and externally connected Hard Disk Drives. download button
  • Select the chosen drive from which you have lost your files, and the program will automatically detect and show all of the attributes of that disk on the panel.
  • Scan is the option to use when dealing with damaged or destroyed data. Otherwise, in the event of a formatted drive, choose Formatted Scan. For recovery of the GPT partition, we will select the Scan option. How to recover gpt partition data
  • The drive scanning procedure will begin immediately after this. Once it is finished, the solution will show all of the recovered data, along with the item count, and will highlight the folders that contain data. In the software panel, you can view restored GPT partition data. How to recover deleted gpt partition
  • Select all of the deleted data items you wish to recover virus-infected files from external hard drive and press the Save button. You can also just press the Save button to export all restored data items. It is the final stage in the process of recovering GPT partition data files.
  • Once the export operation is completed, the recovered deleted files from a Toshiba external hard drive can be seen and viewed using the appropriate apps of the multimedia files. How to recovery gpt partition

Now you have successfully recovered your desired data files from the GPT partition. Now you know how to recover GPT partition without losing any single bit of data.


We have learned from the above-discussed article how to recover GPT partition data without losing any single bit of data. Users seek assistance in resolving this issue. If you want an accurate and painless deleted GPT partition recovery, you should use the discussed application provided here. This solution works easily and will recover deleted gpt partition data. After reading this article we assume that you will able to recovery gpt partition after deletion or corruption of data.