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Two Optimum Solutions to Recover VBA Password from Word 2010 File

Akshay Vats ~ Modified: 08-Apr-2022 ~ Tech ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Need to unlock an old VBA password-protected .doc file? Looking for a solution to recover the password on the secured Word VBA project? In this blog, we’ll discuss a simple way to recover VBA password from Word 2010 file.
If you have lost the encrypted password from a Microsoft Word document and want to unprotect that file, then this is the right blog to get the solution. Here, we will discuss a manual as well an automated approach to cracking Word 2010 VBA passwords.

Let’s discuss the methods to retrieve the forgotten/lost password from the MS Word file and access the file by unprotecting it. But, before moving further, there is a user query that will make the topic clear.

“One of my former employees has left a password encrypted VBA Word file, containing some important information regarding our clients. Now, we are not able to access the file. Is there any way to open a password-protected VBA Word file by unlocking or cracking the password of the .doc 2010 file?”

Method 1: Recover Word Document Lost Password with VBA Code

    1. Open a new Microsoft Word 2010 document.
    2. To open VBA, press the Alt + F11 keys.
    3. Now, click on Insert and select a Module.

recover VBA password from Word 2010

    1. Enter the following code in the General window >> Press F5.

recover VBA password from Word 2010

    1. Select the Word file to unlock >> Click Open.

recover VBA password from Word 2010

    1. A small pop-up box will get open after a few minutes. The password from the encrypted Word document has been recovered successfully!

recover VBA password from Word 2010

    1. Click on OK and close the pop-up box.
    2. Now, the encrypting document will get opened.
    3. Click on the File tab >> Select the option of Protect Document.
    4. Now, choose Encrypt with Password option.

recover VBA password from Word 2010

    1. Just clear the password from the text box and click on OK to remove the protected password from the .doc file.

recover VBA password from Word 2010

  1. Next time you can open the document without any password.

Note: This method works when the password is within 7 characters only, if it exceeds 7 chars, then try the second solution.

Method 2: Automated Solution to Recover VBA Password from Word File

By setting an encryption password, we can protect our MS Word document to access from unauthorized people. But, what if we lost or forget that secured password of the Word document? Can we open it without any data loss or damaged?
As the above manual solution has a limitation for the length of the password, so it is suggested to go for third-party software to crack the password-protected Word .doc file.

We have come across the Best VBA Password Unlocker Tool to unlock password-protected Word .doc files. This is one of the best solutions to remove VBA password protection.

The utility eliminates the previous password from the file and generates a new VBA password for the document. The tool has come up with a unique feature to unlock a multilingual password from the VBA file document.


After reading the above write-up, it is crystal clear that a password-protected VBA file can be unlocked and accessed when the user has lost or forgotten the encrypted password. Now, the user can opt for any of the solutions to recover VBA password from Word 2010 document file.