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Save Outlook Attachments from Outlook to Folder Using Reliable Solutions

Save Outlook Attachment

The Microsoft Outlook application has completely revolutionized the way communication takes place these days. The Outlook supports two file formats OST i.e. for offline mode and PST i.e. personal file folder. The Microsoft Outlook extract emails attachment data in the Outlook PST file. So there are many times the Outlook users want to export Outlook attachments due to the various reasons. It’s because of the attachments the mailboxes Size gets increased and it leads to the problems like corruption of Outlook PST file, Outlook performance and running out of the limit of the mailboxes size created by the administrators. For this reason, the user always wants to move outlook attachment and here we give you some simple solution save Outlook Attachments from MS Outlook to Folder Using Reliable Solutions.


Let’s take a scenario for an instance:

“A user was using the Microsoft Outlook application for the last 7 years. He has a lot of MS Outlook attachments included in the mailbox which has made the Outlook speed slow on his computer system. So, in order to avoid this, the user wants to move Outlook attachments from MS Outlook to the local system and where the save Outlook attachments can be used for future references.”

So, here we will discuss how to export outlook attachments and save Outlook to hard drive using reliable solutions.

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Save Outlook attachments from Outlook to folder

In this following sections, we will discuss the four solutions how to export outlook attachments, how to move Outlook attachments and how to save Outlook attachments into Outlook to hard drive and Outlook to folder.

1. Save all the Outlook Attachments in One Email

Follow the mentioned steps to save Outlook attachments using SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor.

  • First, select all the email messages to move Outlook attachments.

save Outlook Attachments to folder

  • Second, click on one of the save outlook attachments of that particular Email attachment. Outlook Attachments to outlook folder
  • Third, in the attachment tab user can see the option of “Save All Attachments” from the action group.

move Outlook Attachments

  • Finally, Extract emails attachments from Outlook to the local system and click the OK button.

2. Use VBA to Export Outlook attachments into MS Outlook to folder

The steps to perform move Outlook attachments for this solution are as follows:

  • First, Press “ALT and F1” key together to open the VBA editor.

Note: Users can download VBA macro from http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Save-attachments-from-5b6bf54b.

  • Second, in VBA editor click the File tab and then on Import File to import the downloaded file.
    Now after this click on Save button and then close the VBA macro dialog box to save outlook attachment from outlook to local system.

Note: To further proceed to enable all the macros in Outlook.

  • Now, proceed to select the Email messages export Outlook attachments, whatever the user wants to export and save outlook attachments.
    After that press ALT and F8 key together to open the Macros dialog box.
  • Now, in the Macros dialog box select the Execute Saving option export outlook attachments and then click on Run and export Outlook attachment from outlook to hard drive.
  • Finally, a pop-up window will come and now user can select the folder where they want to extract emails attachments or move outlook attachments.

3. Rules to Download Attachments Automatically in Outlook

  • First, open the Outlook application and then click on the Rules tab and then under Rules select Manage Rules and Alerts to Extract Emails attachments from MS outlook to folder.
  • Second, click on New Rules and click on “Apply Rules on the message I Received” followed by the Next button to move outlook attachment.
  • Third, a window will pop-up click on Yes button. After this, the user will see many options to put a mark in front the “Run a Script”. Then, the user needs to select the name of the script and then click OK. Then proceed further by clicking on the Next button and Extract emails attachment to Outlook to folder.
  • Finally, the user can see all the Export outlook attachment and move outlook attachments from MS outlook to hard drive.


The Outlook email client is currently having the highest market share in email communication. So, the performance of it becomes slow once the size of the included attachments gets overloaded. In that case, the user always wants to extract emails attachments in the same folder at the local system. So, we discussed some easy solution which will definitely help to users, save attachments to hard drive or from Outlook to folder.