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Link Zoho Mail Contacts to Outlook


Zoho Mail is one the most imminent and advance email client that has came in market. The support and integration of Zoho mail CRM with multiple business platform has made a most fastest evolving email client. But still there are possibility that lead user to run Outlook or need to link Zoho to Outlook, in that case there becomes a hassle for them. To transfer Zoho Contacts to Outlook is that most demanding task which help the user to get access of Zoho Mail in MS Outlook as well. In this section we have covered method that will help you to learn Zoho integration with Outlook.

Zoho being the advance email client provides a advance option to ink Zoho to Outlook. But to do that user need to know how to use Zoho CRM. To Import Outlook contacts to Zoho CRM will make them accessible to integrate contacts at one place. But if you need the Zoho contacts in Outlook then this method fails. So, we will help you to link Zoho to Outlook in this section.

Manually Get Zoho Contacts Sync with Outlook

The procedure to migrate Zoho contacts to Outlook is a simple and smooth task. User just need to follow these simple steps that will lead them to transfer Zoho contacts to Outlook.
Let’s Start

  1. First of all, click on to the Left Most Corner on Contacts Symbol in Bottom of the Zoho mails
  2. Then, select All Contacts or the entire category of address books you need to import
  3. After that, click on 3 stacked dots and then opt to select export option
  4. From the export contacts, select VCF files
  5. Finally click on the Export Contacts alternative to transfer Zoho contacts to Outlook
  6. It will give you three options i.e., Personal, All Contacts and CSV. You can employ any of the option to perform the task magnificently without wasting a single second.

The file which will be imported would be in format that is supportable to Outlook, user need to use the import/ export option of the Outlook to retrieve all contacts from Zoho to Outlook. After Zoho contacts sync with Outlook will be be sorted in the proper order in Outlook which can easily be accessed by Outlook clients.

Rapid Solution to Transfer Zoho Contacts to Outlook

The method that we have covered to migrate Zoho Contacts to Outlook seems to be very easy but the method is not fast enough. Complication may occurs if the contacts are large, containing multiple addition information like image, DOB, email address, etc. In that case user need to use a reliable solution that helps to link Zoho to Outlook get access to contacts, mails, calendar etc. SysTools Zoho Backup is one of the trusted tool that is available in the market that surely migrate Zoho contacts to Outlook. Zoho integrate with Outlook will help to get all the data at one place. The tool give a money back policy to import Zoho Mail to Outlook format. The trial version of the wizard gives only 100 mails item backup from Zoho Mail to PST, MBOX, MSG & EML.


The above article provides the procedure that help to migrate Zoho contacts to Outlook. We have covered both the manual as well as the automated procedure that will make the whole process easy and safe to link Zoho to Outlook.


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