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Most Easiest Way to Merge Outlook PST Contacts

merge Outlook PST contacts

Akshay Vats ~ Published: 06-Sep-2021 ~ Outlook, Tech ~ 6 Minutes Reading

The same person who manages multiple email accounts causes pain for business users while organizing the contacts. These days lots of people having two, or more email accounts often each has a different service. Saving all of them with various names can make users contact list confusing and cluttered as well. With Outlook application, users can easily combine Outlook contacts from multiple files for the same person so it is pretty easy to access Outlook contacts properly. In the following section, we are going to discuss the most promising solution to easily merge Outlook PST contacts from two PST files without facing any kind of difficulty. Similarly, the following scenario has been observed, where we can consolidate Outlook 2016 contacts in a proper way:

“Being an entrepreneur, I can handle around fifty mail accounts for different purposes. Each account can maintain its contacts in a separate PST file. It becomes difficult for me to combine Outlook contacts. Therefore, I want to merge two PST files from multiple accounts into one single email account. Kindly suggest me any relevant solution.”

Instant Solution: You can use the Best PST Merge software that helps you to merge Outlook contacts from multiple PST files. In addition, it has option to remove duplicate items while merging.


Wisest Solution to Merge Outlook PST Contacts

In order to combine Outlook Contacts from various PST files quickly and effortlessly, the users must go for an alternate PST File Merge Tool. The software will create one single PST having only combine Outlook contacts with integrated folder keeps the meta properties of the contacts altogether. The tool merges two PST files contacts task straightforward with its unique features:

  • Merge options: Join multiple PST files and Merge multiple PST files
  • Option to Include/Exclude remove duplicate contacts while merging two PST files
  • Merge Outlook PST contacts from multiple PST files easily in just a moment
  • Option to merge Outlook calendars with all saved information
  • No 2 GB file size limitation to merge Outlook contacts
  • Supports merging Outlook archive files and password-protected files

Steps to Merge Outlook PST Contacts and remove duplicates are as follows;

Step 1. Run the PST file merger tool and select .pst files.

add pst files

Step 2. Select the Merge or Join option.

merge outlook pst contacts

Step 3. Select merge in New PST/Existing PST/Outlook Profile.

merge outlook contacts

Step 4. Select advanced options and click the Next button.

merge outlook pst contacts

Solution to Merge Outlook PST Contacts Manually

Go through the below workarounds that help to consolidate Outlook 2016 contacts from multiple duplicate contacts in Outlook 2010/2013/2016 such as:

In most of the cases, Outlook was enough to prevent duplication when users were trying to create a contact that has been already existed. In case, if users have a large number of duplicate contacts in the address book, then, they must apply a special technique to remove duplicate contacts. Let us follow points:

Step 1: Create New Contacts Folder

1. Under Outlook 2010/2013/2016 Contacts, click right on users current Contacts folder and choose a New Folder from the menu bar.

Merge Outlook PST contacts

Now, assign a name to this specific folder named as removing duplicate contacts for this example.

Step 2: Move Outlook Contacts to New Folder

1. Now, switch all the current Outlook 2016 contacts folder and press CTRL+A shortcut key to select each contact, and then, press CTRL+SHIFT+V key to join multiple PST files to a newly created (remove duplicate contacts) folder.

merge two PST files

NOTE: If users are not comfortable with shortcuts, then, they can click right on the selected contacts and click on join multiple PST files from a context menu.

Step 3: Export Contacts to CSV File

Now, in order to merge Outlook PST contacts, you can use the Import option to transfer Outlook contacts to CSV format.

1. In Outlook 2010/2013/2016, go to the File >>Open & Export >> Import/Export option.

export outlook contacts

2. Choose Export to a File option

export to a file

3. On windows select CSV (Comma Separated Values) file

export outlook contacts

4. Selecting the combine Outlook contacts folder which you have created

5. Now, choose the desired folder to import Outlook contacts to the CSV file

6. Click on the Browse button and choose the name and location for the exported file.

export pst contacts

Step 4: Import Contacts From CSV File to Default Contacts Folder

1. Click on Import Outlook contacts from another program or file

import contacts from csv

2. Select the CSV files (Comma Separated Values) on Windows

select csv

3. Now, Import Outlook contacts to join multiple PST files contacts .csv file format

merge outlook pst contacts

4. Make sure to select Do not import Outlook contacts duplicate items option. This is just a key option that makes a trick
5. selecting the main Contacts folder, which is now empty, as the destination folder for consolidate Outlook contacts

merge outlook contacts

6. Finally, click on the Finish for completing the merge two PST files process.

merge outlook pst contacts

Step 5: Merge Newly Created Contacts Folder with the Original Folder

1. Opening the join multiple PST files dupes folder and enter the CTRL+A shortcut key to select all the contacts. Then, press the CTRL+SHIFT+V key and choose to all merge Outlook PST contacts to the main Contacts folder.

2. When the duplicates are easily detected, MS Outlook 2016 will display a pop-up message suggesting that the user remove duplicate contacts by update information and preview.

  • Now, select the Update for remove duplicate contacts and users want to export and join multiple PST files contacts all of them
  • Choose the Add new contact if they are having two different contacts
  • If users want to speed up the entire process, then, click on Update, All and all the changes will be automatically accepted in all remove duplicate contacts
  • Later, if the users want to review the particular contact, then, click on the Skip option. In this situation, the original contact item remains within a join multiple PST file dupes folder.
merge outlook contacts

Limitation of Manual Solution

There are two major limitations that we have observed in the overall manual procedure such as very long and a time-taken add  Outlook 2016/2013/2010 contacts procedure. No one can easily merge two PST files in a simple and easiest way.

Author Suggestion

After understanding a scenario and ongoing demand to merge Outlook PST contacts files, we have already discussed the most effective solution. An automated software has also been advised to perform faster and efficient processing. The users are advised to combine Outlook contacts address book and join multiple PST files contacts within one single account.