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Migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST File format Completely – Experts Way



Microsoft Exchange is a secure way of sharing information due to which it is widely used in most of the organizations. And because of its huge usage, there can be many scenarios where users need to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST such as exporting user’s Exchange database to another Exchange Account, Backup Exchange Database, clearing Exchange storage space, etc. It can be done implementing manuals ways. But manual ways have their own disadvantages too. Some of them are discussed below.

Aggravating situations during Exchange database to PST migration

When it comes to experts to export Exchange Mailbox to PST is just a piece of cake. But when we talk about the non-expert users, it suddenly becomes a problematic task. Following situations can troublesome the users:

  • Length of PowerShell commands: Just to execute the command for the simple step, we have to give all such extensive shell commands. And that may irritate the users which may resist them to migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST.
  • Professional’s Guidance: A non-technical user may get stuck while implementing any step or related shell command. He may need experts advice anytime as shell commands are not so simple to execute Exchange 2010 Mailbox to PST migration.
  • Time Taking: When you export large sized Exchange Mailbox to PST, it takes a lot of time. Sometimes, the process gets stopped in between because of unknown reasons.
  • Exchange Database Corruption: Exchange Mailbox database can get corrupted when users try to move a huge sized Mailbox from Exchange 2007 to PST.
  • Data Loss: In the process of transferring Exchange items to PST, Exchange  2013 Items like Emails, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts etc can get lost without any formal warning.

Rapid Resolution to migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST

Now that you are familiar with many of the issues which can appear in the migration process, it’s time to discuss the easiest and reliable quick fix to the same. And the best utility that can overcome all the obstacles is SysTools Exchange Export Software. It works on Live Exchange Server and efficiently migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST file format. Some of the features of the utility are:

  • Preview technicalities of Mailbox: A user can view the details related to the Exchange Mailbox like Mailbox name and permissions before the Exchange Mailbox to PST migration begins.
  • Supports all the versions of MS Exchange: SysTools Exchange Utility is compatible with Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & below versions. You don’t have to install the different application or memorize different procedures to start the migrating Exchange Mailbox to PST file format.
  • Pick desired Mailbox(es): Users can export all the Mailboxes from Exchange to PST file format. But there can be some reasons due to which user need to export only some of the Mailboxes. And this utility provides the notable feature to Export selective exchange Mailbox to PST.
  • Choose desired Items: If any user who wants to export only the particular exchange items like Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, etc to PST file format, this utility plays the great role in doing this accurately.
  • Explore Mailboxes from Sub-Domain: This software enables the users to search the Mailboxes within the Sub-Domain and preview them too while users start the ‘migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST’ process.
  • No size limitation: The users can export Exchange database of any size to PST file format. In addition to it, it can handle the huge Mailbox without any chances of corruptions.
  • Filter in according to Date: Users need to migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST of the selected date range. And, it becomes difficult when you want to apply content filtering on multiple Exchange Mailboxes back to back. This Software allows the users to transfer Exchange database to PST of the specific date range.
  • Generates Progress Report: While exporting Exchange Mailbox to PST, this software generates the progress report where users can track the record of the process completion. It also allows the users to examine the success and fail count of the migrating items.

Available Versions of SysTools Exchange Export

Trial Version: Users can migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST including Emails, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and many more without paying any cost.

Note: Only 25 items per folder can be exported to PST file format from Exchange Application.

Full Version: Migrate all the Exchange Mailbox to PST without any boundaries.

Application Guide And EXE: You can visit the links below to know how to Export all Mailboxes from Exchange to PST Outlook using Exchange Export and Download it.

Exchange Export Guide Video:

Click here to Download:download


System Compulsions
OS Support: Windows 10 & All previous versions
Processor: 1GHz processor but 2.4 GHz is recommended
RAM required: 1GB
Size of the product: 15.4 MB

Application Installed
Make sure you have installed Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 or any below edition.


In this article, we have discussed that we can migrate Exchange Mailbox to PST file format manually. But there are some problematic situations which can come over without any warning while exporting Exchange Mailbox to PST. SysTools Exchange Export Utility is the quick solution to escape all the difficulties.