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How to Recover GPT Partition Data? Flawless Solution

Siddharth - March 12, 2024 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In today’s time, MBR, aka the Master Boot Record partitioning table, is replaced by the flexible and latest partitioning mechanism, GPT, also known as GUID Partition Table, on the Windows platform. GPT partitions are controlled

How to Recover Deleted Files from Partition Without Any Trouble?

Siddharth - March 12, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

The deletion of irrelevant files from Windows is a general practice performed by users all the time. But they are left in a panic state when they realize they have accidentally deleted important files along

How to Take Tally Backup in Pen Drive or Hard Drive? Problem Resolved

Siddharth - March 11, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Maintenance of data is an essential thing to control or tackle the continuity in any business. Organizations need to maintain data related to accounting. With the increase in digitization, there are many applications available for

How to Fix Hard Drive Shows 0 Bytes? Used 0 Bytes Free Issue

Siddharth - March 11, 2024 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Hard drive failure is one of the most common reasons for data loss. If you are techy, you will be aware of the fact that the complexity of present hard drives ensures that something or

Confirmed/Unquestionable Data Recovery for Can You Recover Deleted DVR Recordings Spectrum

Nilesh - February 20, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

(All the other related keywords has been underlined.) Being a data recovery expert… I have encountered miscellaneous user queries in which they are seeking data recovery in different scenarios. The day before yesterday, a concerned

Move Files from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business – Complete Guide

Nilesh - February 8, 2024 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

OneDrive is a cloud-based file hosting service of Microsoft that allows users to store personal files. Microsoft also offers a OneDrive service for small businesses. Sometimes, a necessity occurs to move files from OneDrive to

Learn How to Perform OneDrive for Business Tenant to Tenant Migration Quickly

Aswin Vijayan - February 8, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Overview: This blog covers the smart yet simple solution for the user query i.e. how to perform OneDrive for Business tenant to tenant migration. Go through the guide to know the working steps of the

Migrate Google Calendar to Office 365 Using 2 Methods

Aswin Vijayan - February 7, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

There is no doubt that Google Workspace is popular among organizations. It offers several apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and many more. But when the organizations need to move to Office 365, at that

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF Mac – Complete Solution

Aswin Vijayan - February 7, 2024 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for how to save Office 365 emails as PDF on a Mac? Well, then do not worry, as this is a common query among Office users nowadays. There is no direct method